“Aroy&Alot”, Revival Local Tourism Campaign By “Local Alike”

23 June 2020 Startups

In a bid to turn the Covid-19 crisis into opportunity, Local Alike launched the campaign “Aroy&Alot” local cuisine and products together with delivery services.

Somsak Boonkham, Co-Founder and CEO of Local Alike, a social enterprise travel startup said the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on local tourism, Local Alike thus changed its business model in accordance with the situation by working with the local businesses to providing local products and delivery service under a campaign called “Aroy&Alot”. The new business model is promising as it can generate income to support Local Alike and the communities.

Aroy&Alot” business model comprises of “Aroy” (Delicious) that the company has promoted the locally sourced food, local cuisine made with local ingredients and have uniqueness of their tastes and identities such as galangal chili paste, mango sticky rice with delivery service. The food provided by Local Alike become distinctive because customers can have the authentic local taste.

Alot” is the online platform for local products distribution supporting employment of local people such as cloth masks, honey, salted eggs, Chinese sausage and survival kits that is not general survival kits containing rice and canned food, but local products such as Chinese sausage, salted eggs, mangosteen, galangal chili paste. The initiative also opens for the public to buy survival bags donating to local poor people whom impacted by the Covid-19, this can help those underprivileges and have the local people to have job.

Somsak added that the food and product delivery services is based on social benefits, helping the low-income people during the Covid-19 crisis to have income by hiring motorcycle taxi drivers or unemployed workers in Klong Toey district. The goal of business focus on social impact, not business profit.

Besides generating income to the local, people in the community can also learn doing business. Business planning can be no longer made for a long term due to a fast-changing situation, the business planning must be adjusted dynamically. The business planning of “Aroy& Alot” was made only for one week. The local people could learn from this experience that they should no longer rely on only one single business, but need to have additional one in order to prevent risk that might be happened like the Covid-19 crisis.

At present, Local Alike has been working with 150 locals throughout the country in five provinces and it is going to expand to some 50-100 locals of travel network, food and local product business by this year.